Bitcoin Trading Cards Series 2 – FUD Busters Edition

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Bitcoin Trading Cards Series 2 was perfectly created to Bust the FUD brought on by the mainstream media that causes people to have Fear Uncertainty & Doubt over Bitcoin instead of learning the beautiful possibilities this revolutionary technology can bring to the entire world! If you are having any of these feelings or know someone that needs a solid dose of truth then these packs are for you!

Each card was created with the best original artwork you could image & packed with facts to help educate the collector in the clearest & simplest way. Highly collectable quality cards produced by a team of true Bitcoiners with years of knowledge and passion for Bitcoin. One Foil Chase card in every pack, from 21/21’s to 1000/1000’s. Printed by the same amazing card smiths that print Pokemon & other leading trading card brands, bringing you the highest quality cards available!

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